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Honeymoon: Part Two - Nova Scotia

Well, it's been a few days (ok, over a week. Hey, I'm busy, you know?), but I'm back to finish up my Honeymoon post!

In leaving Montreal on Sunday, we began the longest driving stretch of our trip: all the way through Quebec and New Brunswick into Nova Scotia.

Click here to see the map!

We actually made it to Halifax by Monday evening. Gordon's a fast driver. So that leaves us staying one night in Edmundston, NB and one night outside Halifax. One thing we didn't know was that as you cross from Quebec into New Brunswick, you jump ahead an hour. The Atlantic Time Zone. THERE IS A WHOLE OTHER TIME ZONE. Who knew? Not these ignorant Americans.

On the way from Edmundston to Halifax, we stopped in this awesome little restaurant that I found in my AAA book, Jean's Restaurant.

I had an open-faced turkey sandwich, mashed potatoes and peas. It was the perfect diner meal! There were Canadian soldiers sitting across from us and a few townies in the dark bar area. Great stuff.

It rained the entire way. Nay, POURED. And we're driving on a highway with trucks and things and every few miles you see a sign warning you to be cautious and on the lookout for moose. So I'm already a wreck driving (riding, whatever) in a downpour, but add in the constant moose vigilance and I was a stress case. Good thing we had Tina Fey reading her book "Bossypants" to us. It was fantastic. Gordon paused it several times to laugh and repeat lines. Along the way, we had lots of crappy pizza. Not much else to report.

At the Quality Inn outside Halifax, there was not only a hot tub and an overly-chlorinated pool, but there was a pool slide! Needless to say, Gordon took many trips down the slide. This is how Gordon explains it: "I’m in control I’m in control, ok, too fast, ok, no more control, i’m on my side, my balls hit the water and water rushes up my nose. I rise from the pool in instant confusion."

Here's a video of Gordon on the slide:

On Tuesday morning, we drive less than an hour to our awesome cottage near Peggy’s Cove. It's an upstairs studio apt with a big whirlpool, big bathroom, tons of windows, sea breeze, and a sheltered deck. A dream.

The big tub:

The living area (view from the bed):

The deck!

The view from the deck:

We read for a bit on the porch, then ventured over to the Peggy’s Cove tourist area for Cornish Pasties and a walk on the rocks. I played with the color settings on my camera.

The view approaching Peggy's Cove

Needless to say, we were sad we couldn't participate

Enjoying a cornish pastie!

A whole mess of lobster traps.

Approaching the famous lighthouse

Dually noted.

The wind was doing odd things to my hair. Don't judge.

Hiding! Oh no, wait.

After we had our fill of the rocks and the other tourists, we headed back to our cottage for more reading on the porch. And sun burns. D'oh. We had dinner at the Finer Diner later that night, a place recommended by the staff since the onsite restaurant had closed the week prior. Yeah. Bad timing there. That evening, we sat on the balcony looking at the stars and listening to the ocean.

The next day was my birthday! We went into Halifax to explore. SPOILER ALERT: There's not much there. For reals.

Well, there was this. We saw it all over and it made me laugh every time.

The requisite Bedford Street vacation shot. Though it occurs to me now I should have been in on this one.

We found the Public Gardens! Cue flower pics...

Gordon liked this tree.

K, I'm done.

Got back to the cottage, hit the Finer Diner for dinner again, which meant more lobster and seafood and I got pie with a birthday candle! Coconut Cream Pie, to be exact. Gordon sang to me.

We sat outside on the porch at the restaurant and enjoyed a lovely sunset.

Then it was back to the balcony for more balcony whiskey. I was cold cold cold, so Gordon took the comforter from the bed and wrapped me up in it like a burrito paraplegic and fed me whiskey.

The next day, we had a little boat ride scheduled. They took us around the bay in the Peggy's Cove area. The boat was nice, we were chilly in winds on the way out and we both were lulled to morning boat naps. True story. We both fell asleep on the boat. aaaand we both got face burns and look silly, like we’ve been on vacation. The captain had lots of awesome stories to tell of previous charters and his time on the boat.

One of our boat companions in his Canadian tuxedo.

These crazy rich people built a castle on this tiny island.

The trip back in was warmer and we were both exhausted by the time we returned to shore. Quick lunch, where I had a lobster roll at this place for lunch, The Harbourside:

And back to the room for naps and reading down by the ocean.

Then we had dinner at Shaw's Landing for the “Best Fish and Chips” (debatable), where an excited, seemingly-mentally slow busboy warned us of bugs on the porch. "You come here to eat, not be eaten!" *dances in the front room alone* There was horrible country music blasting out of a speaker mere feet from our heads. But the fried clams were so good, they temporarily made us forget about the country music.

The world is talking about it!

That lobster has a mustache and is smoking a pipe.

We headed back to the rocks at Peggy's Cove and enjoyed another evening on the deck. On Friday, it was sadly time to go. We drove back through New Brunswick into Maine where we made an overnight stop in Machais. It's really not worth even talking about, because the room was awful and we just had more driving ahead of us. The drive home from ME was ok until we got into MA and it started pouring again. It eventually cleared up after we got home and unloaded the car (but not until we got soaked) so we were able to head out to Grafton to have dinner with Gordon's parents and pick up the kitties!

We had a wonderful honeymoon. We are already talking about visiting Canada again. Maybe on an anniversary!

Here's a few more pics from our time in Nova Scotia:

Hard to tell if I prefer the color version...

or the B&W.

I know it looks like I only wore this outfit the entire time. I swear to you I wore other clothes.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far. For reals. I heart you.


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Sep. 15th, 2011 08:17 pm (UTC)
Yaaaaaaaaay Honeymoon!!!! I want to go to that diner, yo. OPEN FACED TURKEY SANDWICH.

And I love the Fresh Prince.
Oct. 8th, 2011 07:10 pm (UTC)
catching up
Finally catching up here and it was great reading about your honeymoon! Glad you had such an awesome time. I miss the ocean and good seafood. Also, the video of Gordon going down the slide is hysterical.
Oct. 16th, 2011 08:03 pm (UTC)
Re: catching up
Aww, thanks, Pat! We did have a great time.
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