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House Hunting: Take 2

This has been a busy house-hunting week! On Friday, Norman took me to two more listings and then today, Gordon and I buzzed through four open houses (two of which I'd already seen).

Condo #1

This building is a single-family home that was converted into two condos in 2003. If you ask me, this was a poor decision. The agent that was there to show the place was really trying hard. The place is currently being rented to students and it only emphasizes how crappy this "condo" is. Even if take out all their crappy stuff and cleaned it top to bottom, it would still be crap. The exterior needs some work as does the kitchen and bathroom (which has no window; kind of a dealbreaker for me!)

Pros: off-street parking, entire basement with one finished room, huge garage, great location
Cons: the whole place.

Final call: NO.

Condo #2

I liked this one. The square footage is not great, but there's a fair amount of storage for the space and there's a small office off the master. A big bonus: the kitchen was recently renovated and it's great!! I also got to talk to the woman who owns the other first floor condo and it sounds like the building is great. It looks well-maintained and cared-for. This is the first place I wanted to bring Gordon back to. I think it was the kitchen.

Pros: awesome kitchen, laundry in-unit with the possibility to move into basement for more room in kitchen, nice big master bedroom with huge closet, nice building, great location
Cons: street parking, right on busy street, first floor (Gordon is not keen on that), kinda small living area

Final Call: I may have to let this one go. I think the bad outweighs the good for Gordon.

Condo #3

This one is a three bedroom on the third floor. It's been on the market a while. I think it's because it's not in a great area. It's in the back of Mission Hill and Roxbury. Not terrible, but not *great*. For example, just two doors down, there are two big empty industrial buildings. All the agent could tell us was that there "might be" plans to turn those into condos. Hmph.

Other than that and the fact that the building had clearly settled in one area that caused a huge slant in the stairs and in the entry way to the condo, we really liked this one. Having a third bedroom would be a bonus (it was just slightly bigger than the "bonus" rooms I've been seeing) and Gordon liked that the bedrooms and bathroom were slightly separated from the open living area and kitchen.

(yes, we'd have a bit of painting to do)

There was a nice deck out back with sliding doors from both the kitchen and the living room.

Pros: great size, nice deck, good layout, decent sized kitchen, great price, decent location
Cons: iffy neighborhood, street parking, crazy shift in the building, NO LAUNDRY!, high condo fees, unclear how old roof is

Final Call: bad outweighs all the good here unfortunately. Pass.

Condo #4

We both liked this one, too!

Just a few streets away from #3, but a better neighborhood. Third floor unit with laundry, but it was squeezed into the bathroom which was already not huge. Kitchen was nice with a small pantry. Layout was kind of odd with the small living room in the center of the smaller bedroom and the bigger master with a big closet and office off the front. Another bonus was the space at the top of the stairs: since we're at the top, the landing area can serve as a sort of mudroom.

the view from the smaller bedroom through the living room to the master:

Pros: off-street parking, quiet neighborhood, everything in the building was updated in 2004, new kitchen, laundry in-unit
Cons: kinda small, at the top of our budget, litter box-where would it go?, no outside area to speak of, just didn't LOVE it.

Final call: just keep looking, just keep looking...

Today was a great outing. It was nice to have Gordon see a bunch of places so he can get an idea of what I'm seeing and I've learned a bit about what he'll get picky about. Turns out Gordon liked Condo #2 from earlier in the week a lot (the one with the epic back deck). But we didn't see anything we liked enough to buy. The search continues...