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Maine vacation!

Gordon and I just got back from a fantastic vacation in Maine. We rented a little cottage on a lake and it was just heaven. So quiet- only loons and water lapping. We read a lot, took the canoe out, explored Belfast and ate seafood. It was glorious.

The cottage

Inside. So cute!

Fish lamp

The view from the bedroom!


First lobster of the trip! Look at that HUGE chunk!

Downtown Belfast has a series of chairs much like the cows in NYC. They were cute!

And of course, we HAD to go here:

We got some beautiful sunsets at the cottage

And once the moon was high in the sky, it reflected on the lake and Gordon and I would say "patronus!" because we really wanted to see one.

This was a little wind spinner-type thing that Gordon loved. When the wind blew, the sails would catch and the boats would sail in a circle!

There were so many acorns on the property! They would fall from the trees and hit the roof. We decided to take a nut pic.

One last shot on the hammock!

We had such a wonderful week. Maybe the best part was getting to spend so much time with the husband. Once he's back to being buried in schoolwork, I won't see much of him til the semester's over! It was incredibly relaxing and we'd go back to Water's Edge cottage in a heartbeat!

Back to the grind tomorrow...