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Things Making Me Happy This Week 11.26

Ok, let's get it out of the way up front: I missed last week. Short week + crazy time at work= no post. Also, I did not get nearly as many pictures these past two weeks as I should have. I resolve to be more proactive about this at Christmas. Got it out, let's move on.

We'll start with First Thanksgiving. Last weekend, we went to Grafton to have our Thanksgiving with Gordon's family. Since some of us were traveling over actual Thanksgiving, Gordon's mom made a big turkey dinner the week before! Sadly, I have next to no pictures of this. But trust me- we had fun. We got to see little Eammon who we hadn't sen since he was born. Only two months old, but waaay more awake now. And cuter, if that's possible.

Also last week, I finally received this:

My Aunt Kathy ordered it for me way back in July, but due to some erroneous info on their end, it was returned and had to be re-sent. In any event, it's here now and I'm so excited to dive in!! Aunt Kathy is a super baker (she's got THREE ovens in her kitchen!) so she likes to share the baking love. My aunt's the best.

Speaking of baking, I made this delicious Pumpkin Nutella bread by Two Peas & Their Pod.

The recipe made two small loaves so we devoured one and brought the other home for Thanksgiving.

Which segues nicely into Thanksgiving! Gordon and I went home to Albany to see my family. We went to my brother Greg's on the day and then the next day, we went back and were joined by some extended family to eat up some leftovers! Greg and his family are in Disney World right now, so they needed us to help clean out the fridge.

Thanksgiving also happened to be my mom's birthday! We celebrated after dinner.

Mom blows out the candles

My mom's gentleman friend Vince picked up the cake came from Bella Napoli, a family favorite. Everything from Bella Napoli is delicious. It was a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and a thin strawberry layer. YUM.

Gordon and Emi wait for cake

A cute shot of Nathaniel. Getting cuter every time I see him!

It was really nice to see my family and to spend more than a day there. Still never enough time to see everyone I'd like to.

The other fun thing we did was after hitting the gym on Saturday (hooray!), we headed over to see Linda at Bake for You. She's a friend of the family and I love stopping in to see her when I'm home be it at the Delmar Farmer's Market or at the kitchen. For Small Business Saturday, we ordered a couple dozen of her MRE cookies- peanut butter cookies with peanuts and M&Ms. A nice thing about the MRE cookies is that a portion of the sales goes toward Wounded Warrior Project. While I LOVE these cookies, I have to bring half of them to work! They won't know how lucky they are!! I'm so happy for Linda that BFY is doing so well! Check her out on Facebook.

Got some exciting house projects on the horizon and some of them involve holiday decorating!! Is it sad I'm already looking forward to next weekend??