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Things Making Me Happy This Week 12.4

I missed it last night! D'oh! Truth be told, I've had kind of a rough week: sick since last Tuesday, stressful week at work. I was sick- as in, flu-like sick. I only stayed home one day, though, because there was simply Too. Much. To. Be. Done. Yeah, that kind of week. Bottom line: short post.

Hmm...let's see...I don't have any photos, but I made dinner two nights in a row (Sunday and Monday, because I'm back to eating normally!). On Sunday, I made one of Gordon's faves: Hamburger Buddy (sorry, no link- my recipe card says it's from Food Network, but I can't find it!). It's a play on "Hamburger Helper," but real. You run mushrooms, onions and carrots through the food processor and cook them with the beef. Add some broth to cook some pasta and then some sour cream to help build the sauce and it's really tasty! Then last night I finally used the last of my brother's turkey leftovers to make a pot pie. One of MY faves. Yum.

My kitties have been super sweet and cuddly while I've been sick. I think Benny was attracted to my feverish body last Wednesday.

Sometimes if Squeaky's already there, Benny will just come sit on top of her.

Stacked Cats.

I got some work done on my Mystery Kitchen Project!! When it's done, I'll post about just that. I know, tease.

In other big house news, WE HAVE CURTAINS!!!!

Gordon's mom made these for us after MUCH back and forth over details. Who knew curtains could be so complicated??? Certainly not me. I'm planning on making the living room grey and yellow, so getting these up is really making me anxious to completely overhaul this room!! I found the fabric on fabric.com.

Chomping at the bit to do more house stuff!!!

That's all I got. Told you it was a short one.



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Alison Beach
Dec. 5th, 2012 11:20 am (UTC)
Love love love this fabric!
Dec. 5th, 2012 02:08 pm (UTC)
Re: Curtains
Thanks! It comes in other colors, too. I have a hard time pulling the trigger and choosing just one. Next up: bedroom and bathroom!
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