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PPNF Launch!

Exciting new things happening around here. Today marks the launch of PPNF: Pinned Projects Not Forgotten!

About a month ago, my friend and fellow blogger Alison over at The Alitary Blog suggested that a bunch of us who blog all pick a Pinterest project to create and then show it off to each other and our readers. Sounds great, right? And who doens't have a million Pinterest projects just pinned there, waiting for action??

So, participating in PPNF are myself, the aformentioned Ali, Julia at Sunbeam Yellow and Lauren at La La Land. Say hi, everyone! I love these ladies' blogs, so be sure to check them out!

Today we're sharing the project we chose. I have a confession to make- I can't choose!! I have it narrowed down to two.

A nice and mod podge project for the kitchen:

pic found on Pinterest, but the link is broken, so I can't credit!


A slightly more challenging project to collect all our wedding cards into a little book (they're just shoved in a container right now). A combination of these two projects I pinned:

A simpler version that's more like a scrapbook found on Simple Mom.

A more complicated effort using tools I've never used, but I like the idea of fortifying the first and last pages. This one came from Something Turquoise

You'll know which project I've chosen for realz when I post a sneak peek later in the month! Or maybe you can help me choose which project to do!

Stay tuned- hope you guys like our PPNF!!