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Photo Challenge: Days 15-20

Yeah, I've been slacking off on this. Wanna make somethin of it? It's not like I haven't been taking pics- I just have been CRAZY busy. Cray.

Day 15: Silhouette

I've been trying really hard not to include too many cat photos in this challenge. I lost this battle.

Day 16: A Good Habit

I remove my makeup and wash my face every night. I didn't realize how many people don't do this until recently. I've got pretty good skin. Know why? Good habits.

Day 17: Technology

I went pretty literal here. I wasn't feeling inspired.

Day 18: Your Shoes

Behold! My fabulous black Indigos (Clarks)! Also, purple tights. Trust me, I know how cool I am.

Day 19: Something You Want

to not have to wear my Spanx.

Day 20: In My Bag

Again, pretty literal. But inside that little Madison pouch is my iPhone charger, which travels everywhere with me. Also, the zebra-printed Kate Spade pouch is chock full of things a girl needs in her bag. The thin light blue thing is full of coupons and gift cards. #oldlady

I'm hoping to fully catch up tonight!