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PPNF: Spring Edition! FINALLY!

Yes, I've caught up to the other ladies. FINALLY. the past six weeks have been simply chaotic for me (as evidenced by my singular post in May), so now I finally have a bit more time to devote to ye olde blog.

So with no further ado, my Spring PPNF! You know, now that it's pretty much summer...

If you remember, I posted a hint to what I was working on. Did you guess?

Yep, another yarn wreath!

I was attempting to emulate this wreath from vitamini handmade that I found on Pinterest a while back:

Mine is clearly much simpler!! Also, they had no cream-colored felt the day I was in Michael's.

As I progressed, I noticed that she simply instructs to cut out flowers. There's no tutorial for the flowers! I tried and tried and could not get my felt to look like flowers. So I found this cherry blossom tutorial that I used on some of them and this one that I used for the rest. Tally's was super helpful to getting the flower shapes.

When I realized this would take me longer than the few hours I had, I developed a huge mental block. Along with general busyness, I kept feeling like the project was going to take me forever!! I finally sat down to finish it last weekend when I came to the conclusion that hey- I didn't need to make a billion little flowers! Just as many as I wanted. So there you have it. I'm happy with the way it came out- it's on the door now! Just in time for me to start thinking about a summer wreath...

I hope you got to see my PPNF buddies' projects:

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Julia at Sunbeam Yellow

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(turns out Lauren and I had very similar ideas for our projects!!)



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Jun. 4th, 2013 07:44 pm (UTC)

Did you find it easier to wind this time? Did you have a system???
Jun. 30th, 2013 05:44 pm (UTC)
Not really- you just have to get into a zone. I'll wrap a bunch of times and then tighten them all at once and move on. Thanks!
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