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Photo Challenge: Day 10

Day 10: Childhood Memory

This is my dearest little blankie I called my "binkie" that traveled with me from toddler-hood to...oh, let's say through college or so. And then I was forced to store him away because grown women shouldn't have blankies on their beds. He lives in the under-bed storage so I know he's close by.

Photo Challenge: Day 9

Day 9: Someone You Love

Photo Challenge: Days 7 and 8

Day 7: Routine

Day 8: Changes to Come

Photo Challenge: Day 6



Photo Challenge: Day 5

"After Dark"

Because this is what "after hours" looks like in my house. Cats sleeping on my lap, husband under the Bandito Blanket and something on tv.

We lead exciting lives.

Photo Challenge: Day 4

"Something Green"

Photo Challenge: Days 2 and 3

As you can see, Day 2 was "What You Wore." I tried to find a creative way to do this one, but I wasn't really wearing anything interesting and by the time I got dressed to actually leave the house, the light was not ideal. So I decided to take the picture in our one squiggly mirror:

We've got a second squiggly mirror, but we're waiting on a clippy-bracket part. Like I said, the lighting was not ideal, but I like the shape of the mirror reflection.

Day 3, today was "Clouds." It's been pretty overcast all day here in Boston, but on my way to the grocery store, I looked to my right and saw this shape:

I thought it kinda looked like a silhouette of a Scottie dog. I tried to get around the wires, but couldn't. I'm ok with it, as it's a pretty accurate depiction of how I see the sky here half the time.

I'm looking forward to the next few challenges!

Photo Challenge

I'm working on getting my video clips fixed in the last post. I'm not sure why they won't show up!!

My dear friend Abby posted a picture on Facebook today in an album entitled "30 Day Photograph Challenge." This intrigues me. I'm no photographer, but I've always enjoyed taking pictures. OK, now that I've read that sentence, it sounds pretty stupid. But really! I miss sending film in and finally getting your pictures back and then letting them pile up before you put about 50 to 100 of them into a book at one time. Is it just me?

But clearly, digital photography has made professionals of us all, no? All you need is a decent camera and a decent eye for composition and you can get some stunners. I miss California for its endless photographic beauty!

So, the long the short of it is that I've decided to do this 30 Day Photo Challenge. I don't know where this challenge came from- I've seen variations all over Pinterest and I think there's a Facebook page. I think it'll be nice to have a little creative project and I'll also have nice short posts for the blog! I mean, you KNOW I won't be posting every single day, but I'll do catch-ups and make an effort to post as often as I can.

Here's the challenge:

And here's my first pic.

I hate taking self portraits. This one was quick and dirty. I mean, I am at work and it's Friday and I'm exhausted. I'll probably spend a wee bit more time on other subjects and use my actual camera when possible (as opposed to my iPhone).

Hope you enjoy March with me! Hey, we need SOMETHING to get us through a month with no holidays.

My friend Chris was on tv!

One thing I forgot to mention in my post yesterday was that my dear friend Sarah's fiance Chris was on tv last week! Or maybe it was two weeks ago now. Man, I'm so behind.

Anyway, Chris plays guitar in a band called Matt Pond. So named for the lead singer. They just had an album come out earlier in the month and they were on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to promote it! Jimmy is the best. We were all crazy excited when we heard they were going to be on.

Here are the two clips from the show- Chris is on the far left groovin' out. Enjoy!!

Here's Love to Get Used and here's So Much Trouble. Apparently, hulu embed codes are not allowed on LiveJournal. Ridiculous!

And maybe check out their album!

Things Making Me Happy This Week 2.22

Or, should I say, these past couple of weeks?

Let's get right to it. The most awesome thing today is that my guest post is up over on Offbeat Home! This makes me sooooo happy! Yes, it's basically the same post you've read here, but it's THERE. I love Offbeat Home and its community- I've been a devoted reader since my days as an Offbeat Bride and it's an honor to be involved and especially for one of my home projects of which I'm most proud. Thanks, Ariel and team! Now let's hope people like it.

Secondly, last weekend I had my bestest girlfriends for a visit. It was WAY too short and one of them couldn't come because she got crazy sick! But it was nice to spend time together. We ate and listened to 90s radio and played with makeup courtesy of our friend Meaghan who sells Mary Kay. Did I take any pictures? No. I'm just going to chalk it up to the fact that I was living in the moment and enjoying my friends' company too much to stop and grab the camera. :)

And yes- Valentine's Day. Never a big deal for Gordon and I, but we like to get each other fun presents. This year, he wrote me a very sweet poem and got me this adorable necklace:

He's gotten me another from the same artist, Mark Poulin. I love his stuff!

I got Gordon three jars of peanut butter. Hold up- not just any peanut butter, PB Crave!

Husband LOVES peanut butter and when I saw this stuff featured on fab, I knew I had to get it for him. The three flavors are CoCo Banana, Cookie Nookie, and Razzle Dazzle. They're delicious and the Razzle Dazzle's already gone.

I also got him Darth Vader and Son. It's a comic-type book by Jeffrey Brown and awesome.

Wrapped 'em up all cute-like:

I know, barf.

Benny, of course, has been super cute this week. I've gotten lots of nighttime snuggles- he likes to get right up there in my face and purr away. Last week, as I was cleaning and getting ready for the girls' visit, he decided to sit in the cat bed no matter where it ended up.

Also in advance of their visit, I found this at TJ Maxx:

This may not be exciting to you, but this means I have something to securely store two dozen deviled eggs in!! We LOVE deviled eggs and we make them every time we get together. I've been looking for one of these suckers for a while now.

Tomorrow I'm doing Day 2 of the AMC Best Picture Showcase AMC Best Picture Showcase with some friends! Couldn't make it to Day 1 last weekend, but I'm looking forward to this! You might think I'm crazy, but this is going to be great. I will make a full report next week.

And finally, two evenings ago on my way out the door from work, I caught this view: