June Birthday Meh-dness!

Ok, so this weekend happened almost a month ago. A MONTH. We've already covered how I'm a bad blogger. I've also stolen some of Kristi's pics. We've also covered how I'm crap at taking pictures.

We've turned the first weekend of June into an annual tradition of getting together to celebrate Kristi and Steph's birthdays (as they both occur within the first week of June). Kristi and I traveled to Steph's on LI and there the meh-dness ensued.

Friday night, after a comical farce of a meetup between Kristi and myself at Penn Station, Steph and our friend Robbie picked us up from the train station and we went out for hibachi at Tomo Hibachi right in Huntington Village. It was monsooning outside so we didn't want to walk around trying to find something. Plus, we were starving. Also, there was the possibility of a scorpion bowl.

Oh, it happened.

Photo courtesy of Kristi

And it was delicious. There were obnoxious yuppies next to us asking for things without things and more of other things. We determined that the only child son will end up an accountant.

After we returned to Steph's, we spent a good few hours watching old VHS tapes of us on tv shows and once the Into the Woods video came out, we decided it was time for bed.

The next morning, we headed to our favorite place: the bagel shop.

Photo courtesy of Kristi

We sat outside on the lovely Saturday morning enjoying our bagels and coffee and talking about pop culture when we decided that we need to have a web series called "Bagel Bites" in which we will do just that. This is clearly the best idea we've ever had. This thing is a hit and it doesn't even exist yet! Where's our sponsors?

After wrapping up the first episode of Bagel Bites, we wandered over to Heckscher Park to see the baby geese and stumbled upon Long Island Pride. Apparently, Debbie Gibson was there. We missed her. But you know who we didn't miss? Amber Ferrari doing her sound check. "Who's that?" you ask? I. DON'T. KNOW. But she entertained us for a good 20-30 minutes just singing "Yeeeahh Yeee-yaaah Yeeeeeeeaaaaahhhh" and then telling the sound guys she needs it dry in the wedge. And more sax. Sax man.

The three of us headed back home where we exchanged birthday gifts for the birthday girls and I got us this:

Thank you, Kristi, for this photo as well

For many reasons, we enjoy s'mores. I took the chocolate. It goes well with the amazing deviled egg charm that Kristi got us!!

At one point, we decided we needed lunch. What to eat, what to eat...wait- COLD CHEESE.

This is a pic from another visit, but you get the point

And I had SODA. It was so good. And continued our weekend of bread and cheese.

Upon our return to Steph's, we had a positively frightening experience with a gigantic spider that haunts my dreams. That's all I'll say about that. Just know it was traumatizing. And Steph is our hero.

That evening, we headed to Bayville Adventure Park.

Let me tell you- this place is amazing. I liken it to visiting The Great Escape for the first time as an adult. As a kid, it's the BEST! You love it! It's huge!! As an adult, it's run-down and sad. Still fun, but in a very different way. Upstate NY-ers, you with me??

First, though, we wandered across the road to the beach.

Kristi found a cool shell.

Steph got contemplative.

It was really pretty!

Back to the park.

We met up with some of Steph's friends and has some ice cream. In the corner of the parlour, there was a steampunk robot who looked like Tik-Tok from Return to Oz. Turns out, he sings songs. WEIRD AL SONGS.

He also sounded like R2D2 at times. Bizarre.

After ice cream, we played a round of mini golf. That would be 18 holes. No choice! The mini golf is all pirate-themed. They are animatronic Pirates of the Carribbean rejects. You can tell they've been there for 25 years. They talk and sing songs ("TREY-sure! TREY-sure!") and there is a bush that talks like a parrot, but there is no parrot.

Around hole 11, Kristi was over it. The greens were squishy from the monsoon and there were punky bugs attacking us as dusk set in.

But it was super fun! And we were all close, but Matt and Steph tied for first.

We had dinner at a Mexican-Italian restaurant called La Cantina next door. Yes, really. The food was great! The menu was a bit more focused on the Mexican side, as was the decor. The Italian guy at the next table was complaining that there was no Italian bread.

At La Cantina we also determined that we'll create a show called "Fusion Face-Off" where we visit fusion restaurants and decide how well they pull it off. There will also be a short follow up the same week called "Doggy Bag" where we rate how well the leftovers fare. WHERE ARE OUR MILLIONS.

On the way home, we listened to a retro flashback show on the radio and we decided I needed to call in a request. Much to our surprise, someone answered and told the guy I wanted to hear Nenah Cherry's "Buffalo Stance." He didn't have that (!?), so I requested Debbie Gibson's "Electric Youth" instead. He had me say my name and where I was from and that I was listening to the show on whatever channel. We were WAY too excited. We drove around waiting to hear my voice on the radio and got our phones recording every single time a new song was about to come on. IT NEVER DID. That radio station and DJ are dead to me.

On Sunday morning, we completed another episode of Bagel Bites and dropped Kristi at the train station. Boooooo.

I stayed another night since the Tony's were on!! Steph and I spent the afternoon with our friend Jess from college and met her little boy Alex who is ADORABLE. Of which I have no pictures because I am terrible. But it was nice to catch up!

That evening, Steph and I made a feast and watched NPH tear it up on the Tony's. Wonderful.

That's a spaghetti pie, deviled eggs, guac, and veggies that we roasted. It was all delicious. Properly four courses. We didn't even make it to dessert. Oh-ho-ho, no-ho-ho!!

We had a fantastic weekend. They always go by so quickly. We have to try to go see Jimmy in the fal. It has to happen.

I love youse!!!


Now Eat This: Mexican Pizza

I'm taking a page from my dear friend Kristi's blog and titling my food posts. Also, I think you should eat this.

A few weeks ago, I was poking around the fridge trying to figure out what to make for dinner. I hadn't planned the week (mistake), but I had some leftover bits and bobs hanging out from the quesadillas I'd made a couple of nights prior and I had a brilliant idea: mexican pizza.

Not ground-breaking, for sure, but tasty. And a hit with Husband, which is always worth noting.

I started with a small 8oz can of Hunt's tomato sauce. Heated is up in a small saucepan along with some chipotle adobo sauce. Can't get enough of the chipotle. I used a Boboli whole wheat pizza crust because I can't be bothered to make my own pizza dough. Because I hate working with it. I do. I just am unable to patiently work with pizza dough. Don't tell me about your recipe- it won't happen any time soon.

Moving on.

Sorry for the poor quality of my pics-nighttime with kitchen lighting is not the best!!

Next, I spread crumbled taco-seasoned turkey meat on the pizza. Husband loves his quesadillas with ground turkey. I try not to use red meat and this works just as well. I also mix up my own taco seasoning which can be found here.

I already had some frozen corn thawed and an open can of black beans, so on they went.

Why don't they sell half cans of black beans? I mean, I try to put them on EVERYTHING once I open a can and I still can't use the whole thing before they go bad.

I smothered the pie with "mexican" cheese- cheddar and monterey jack mix.

Baked according to the Boboli package directions on my pizza stone until golden brown!

I served mine up with a healthy plop of sour cream. (I can't get enough of the stuff- it's a staple in my fridge: Daisy Light.)

Muy Bueno!!

This is a pizza, so you can personalize it any way you like- we're pretty average and boring with our toppings and that suits us just fine. The tomato sauce definitely had a great kick of spicy flavor with that chipotle sauce!

Make your own mexican pie- And feel free to use your own homemade crust. I won't judge you.

PPNF: Spring Edition! FINALLY!

Yes, I've caught up to the other ladies. FINALLY. the past six weeks have been simply chaotic for me (as evidenced by my singular post in May), so now I finally have a bit more time to devote to ye olde blog.

So with no further ado, my Spring PPNF! You know, now that it's pretty much summer...

If you remember, I posted a hint to what I was working on. Did you guess?

Yep, another yarn wreath!

I was attempting to emulate this wreath from vitamini handmade that I found on Pinterest a while back:

Mine is clearly much simpler!! Also, they had no cream-colored felt the day I was in Michael's.

As I progressed, I noticed that she simply instructs to cut out flowers. There's no tutorial for the flowers! I tried and tried and could not get my felt to look like flowers. So I found this cherry blossom tutorial that I used on some of them and this one that I used for the rest. Tally's was super helpful to getting the flower shapes.

When I realized this would take me longer than the few hours I had, I developed a huge mental block. Along with general busyness, I kept feeling like the project was going to take me forever!! I finally sat down to finish it last weekend when I came to the conclusion that hey- I didn't need to make a billion little flowers! Just as many as I wanted. So there you have it. I'm happy with the way it came out- it's on the door now! Just in time for me to start thinking about a summer wreath...

I hope you got to see my PPNF buddies' projects:

Alison at The Alitary Blog

Julia at Sunbeam Yellow

Lauren in La La Land
(turns out Lauren and I had very similar ideas for our projects!!)


Cue the sad trombone: waahhh waaaaaaahhhhhhh

I thought I'd be able to finish my project on Sunday.

Then I thought I'd be able to finish it tonight.

Then I resumed working on it. And realized that would not happen. I'm basically bad at estimating how long things take me, okay?? It's been an incredibly busy time (which I should proabbly post about one of these days), so I haven't had much time at home.

Stay tuned: I will catch up with the other ladies this week now that I've got my evenings free once more!

But while you're here- go check out their projects- all very cool!!

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PPNF Sneak Peek!

Happy Friday, everyone. Despite all the awfulness happening around Boston this week, we are pressing on with our PPNF projects! Personally, working on my project and going to rehearsal were things that helped me get through the week.

Here's a little peek at what I'm working with:

I told you about the felt, but now you know there's also yarn involved. If you've reading this blog, you probably know what I'm up to.

Remember to check in with my other PPNF buddies:

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Stay tuned!!!

PPNF: Spring Edition!

Good morning, chickadees! I'm back!

Yes, I know I've got some unfinished business. Cut me a break- I've barely been up for air lately!!

Anyhoo, remember back in January/February when Alison, Lauren, Julia and I all worked on Pinterest projects? Well, we're at it again!

I'd like to tease you with a few different possibilities, but honestly, I already know what I want to do. Hint: it involves felt. That's all you get for now!!

We'll be revealing our projects at the end of the month! Be sure to check out my partners in pinned projects:

Alison at The Alitary Blog

Julia at Sunbeam Yellow

Lauren in La La Land

Photo Challenge: Days 15-20

Yeah, I've been slacking off on this. Wanna make somethin of it? It's not like I haven't been taking pics- I just have been CRAZY busy. Cray.

Day 15: Silhouette

I've been trying really hard not to include too many cat photos in this challenge. I lost this battle.

Day 16: A Good Habit

I remove my makeup and wash my face every night. I didn't realize how many people don't do this until recently. I've got pretty good skin. Know why? Good habits.

Day 17: Technology

I went pretty literal here. I wasn't feeling inspired.

Day 18: Your Shoes

Behold! My fabulous black Indigos (Clarks)! Also, purple tights. Trust me, I know how cool I am.

Day 19: Something You Want

to not have to wear my Spanx.

Day 20: In My Bag

Again, pretty literal. But inside that little Madison pouch is my iPhone charger, which travels everywhere with me. Also, the zebra-printed Kate Spade pouch is chock full of things a girl needs in her bag. The thin light blue thing is full of coupons and gift cards. #oldlady

I'm hoping to fully catch up tonight!

Photo Challenge: Days 11 and 12

Day 11: Something Blue

Well, here's three somethings blue. My awesome key covers and my beloved blue ombre chevron stacked ring set. Covering three trends at once with that one- how ya like me now??

Day 12: Sunset

Yesterday's sunset was crap. It was rainy all day so it just went from dark to darker. So I cheated and I'm giving you this shot that I took in New Hampshire last month.