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House Hunting: Take 3

I realize there may be a lot of these posts.

Take 3 is a summary of our last day out, which was two weeks ago. Between Gordon wrapping up his semester, me opening a show and getting through the end of the season at work, it's been a bit nuts over here! But now Gordon's on a break til June, so we've got some time to focus on the house hunt.

Condo #1

We started on a high note with this one. It remains the only property we've seen on our side of the Charles. The place was really nice! Didn't need a lick of work. We even liked their paint choices.

The location, on the other hand, was not great. Not terrible, but bus-to-T and not as frequent as our current bus-to-T setup.

Pros: In-unit laundry, move-in ready, plenty of on-street parking, quiet neighborhood

Cons: No dining room (which I didn't think would be a con, but in this layout, there was no where else to entertain- just a small eat in kitchen area), location not great

We went on a roller coaster ride with this property. We were told if we were interested, they were only accepting offers that Monday afternoon. We got such a great feeling about it, we jumped. We had no expectation our offer would be entertained. You can maybe see where this is going. Yes, our offer was accepted. And then we freaked out. Making the best decision for ourselves, we withdrew our offer. Gordon hasn't been able to really focus on this yet and the timing was terrible. Major things would need to start happening NOW and we were not ready. So we had to let it go.

Condo #2

This one was not great. Not really even good. Especially after seeing the first place. It's currently being rented and it's full of the tenants' crap. I didn't take many pics. Here's one:

I can't even remember pros/cons. We just didn't really care.

We went out again today. I'll be posting again later!